Push-Pull Cable Control Systems





Push-Pull Cable Control Systems

Proven technology and years of experience have gone into making the Wescon push-pull cables top of the line in durability and dependability. Polyethylene covers and a variety of conduit constructions can be customized to fit your specific cable requirements. Other optional materials can be used to suit your environmental, corrosion resistant or extreme temperature applications.



Custom push-pull cables available in 30 series, 40 series, 60 series, and 80 series sizes. Bulk head or grooved clamp conduit fittings are standard, core selections include armor wrapped cable core, solid wire core, nylon covered 1 x 7 cable core, and nylon covered armor wrap core.



Typical applications include:


  • Throttle control
  • Activating electrical relays or hydraulic valves
  • Shifting hydrostatic transmissions
  • Drum controls on cement mixers
  • Throttle/shift controls on rear engine buses
  • Electronic transmission shifting, heavy duty brake or clutch controls


    Product line includes 30 and 40 series pull only accelerator cables. Accessory items available include clevis assemblies, pivots, ball joints, terminal eye fittings, shims, clamps, u-bolt assemblies, and mounting brackets.



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